Anger Management Counselling Brisbane

I conduct individual anger management counselling sessions.  Typically you will have problems controlling your temper and tend to lash out verbally or physically towards your partner, work colleagues or loved ones.  Anger management counselling is also relevant for people who have passive aggressive tendencies (e.g., alcohol, silent treatment etc).

The structured approach to anger management focuses on assertiveness skills training or teaching people how to have difficult conversations with their partner or other people in their life.  Generally anger tends to build over time when we are not able to address different issues that occur in our lives.  We may be able to control it over the short-term but over time the anxiety, sense of frustration tends to come out in different ways.

This assertiveness skills training approach follows the same 4-step process that I use in couples counselling and mediation sessions.  It is detailed below.


(1) Concerns

(2) Issues

(3) Communication

(4) Negotiation


I will firstly help you to identify the underlying issues causing your anger problems.  Secondly, I will coach you on how to communicate your issues with others.  Finally, we will discuss ways to behave, to manage your anger.