Couples and Marriage Counselling Brisbane Northside

Couples come to relationship counselling in Brisbane because of problems with communication.  Twenty five percent of all divorces occur because of communication difficulties.

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My approach as a Psychologist to relationship & Marriage counselling in Brisbane is to teach you how to improve communication with your partner.  The problem is that we aren’t taught how to effectively communicate with anyone, let alone with our romantic partner.  Or that we only know how to communicate intellectually, say at work or with our friends but don’t know how to communicate emotionally, say with our families or with our partner.  Do you really know how to communicate the feeling when you are upset, feeling vulnerable or angry?  Most people do not!

I use a structured 4-step relationship mediation process.  The steps are detailed below.


(1) Concerns

(2) Issues

(3) Communication

(4) Negotiation


To learn more about these 4 steps, please consult my mediation information sheet.  The biggest benefit in attending relationship counselling in Brisbane, is that you will learnt to communicate more effectively with your partner and be able to use the tools when other issues come up in your relationship.

By attending Couples and Marriage Counseling Brisbane Northside both you and your partner can start to nurture your relationship by gaining a deeper understanding of each other. Marital counselling will help and as a result of establishing better communication, a number of couples experience a positive result even after the first session.

Contact me today to begin your marriage counselling Brisbane Northside and start to build positive relationships.