Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

I conduct individual counselling sessions to help people to address their anxiety problems. I typically work with clients who have; work related stress and anxiety, social anxiety and status anxiety. You will have difficulty controlling your thoughts and relaxing at night-time and may even have trouble falling asleep.

The structured approach to anxiety focuses on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework. Anxiety typically stems from over-thinking things. Read more


Anger Management Counselling Brisbane

I conduct individual anger management counselling sessions.  Typically you will have problems controlling your temper and tend to lash out verbally or physically towards your partner, work colleagues or loved ones.  Anger management counselling is also relevant for people who have passive aggressive tendencies (e.g., alcohol, silent treatment etc). Read more


Family Mediation Brisbane

Family mediation occurs when a couple (usually with children) decides to separate.  They will need to come to mediation to address parenting arrangements for their children, unresolved emotional issues and property settlement.  Outcomes of mediation will involve a parenting plan and a written agreement of how both parties will interact with each other moving forward.  If no agreement can be reached, an s60i certificate will be administered by me, which will need to be provided to the court. Read more