Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

I conduct individual counselling sessions to help people to address their anxiety problems. I typically work with clients who have; work related stress and anxiety, social anxiety and status anxiety. You will have difficulty controlling your thoughts and relaxing at night-time and may even have trouble falling asleep.

The structured approach to anxiety focuses on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework. Anxiety typically stems from over-thinking things.

You will learn:

(1) Mindfulness skills to focus on what you are doing;

(2) Relaxation, meditation and imagery exercises that you can practice at night or before starting your day;

(3) To challenge negative thoughts that is causing you anxiety.


To overcome your anxiety problems will take between 6-10 sessions. Sessions are charged at $145. Medicare rebate of $85/session (approx) can be claimed.


To book an appointment or to find out more information please call my office on 3857 3777

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