Cross Cultural Differences Towards Anger

We are now in a global village where people from different cultural backgrounds live and work together. This article looks at the cross-cultural differences regarding anger management and how people can live and work together.Global Village

Australian society, which derives much of its cultural identity from its British roots and American culture, has a general avoidance of emotion and anger. The “she’ll be right” attitude still pervades much of Australian culture today.  This attitude says “no matter what the situation, or the emotion that you are feeling… “stay calm and understated.”  For example, if you lost your job you may say “I’m a bit annoyed at losing my job.”  This completely understates the emotion of grief and loss you may be feeling.



“Don’t Complain and Don’t Explain”

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Anger Management Counselling Brisbane

I conduct individual anger management counselling sessions.  Typically you will have problems controlling your temper and tend to lash out verbally or physically towards your partner, work colleagues or loved ones.  Anger management counselling is also relevant for people who have passive aggressive tendencies (e.g., alcohol, silent treatment etc). Read more