t is normal from time to time to be anxious about something.

Understanding Anxiety: Diagnosis & Its Types


Have you ever experienced trouble in sleeping because you’re unprepared for your exam tomorrow? Have you ever worried because you’re thinking your mom might slap you in the face if she discovers you’ve been hiding the fact that you’re in a relationship? How about crying because of the fear you won’t get a job? Have you ever felt scared of losing something or someone important to you? We all experience different forms of this feeling we call anxiety. It is described as an emotion which is usually characterized by the feelings of tension and worried thoughts. Also, there are times that it manifests physical changes in an individual like increased rate of blood pressure (APA, 2000). Read more

Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

I conduct individual counselling sessions to help people to address their anxiety problems. I typically work with clients who have; work related stress and anxiety, social anxiety and status anxiety. You will have difficulty controlling your thoughts and relaxing at night-time and may even have trouble falling asleep.

The structured approach to anxiety focuses on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework. Anxiety typically stems from over-thinking things. Read more