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Relationship challenges can occur at any time in marriage, and in fact, are unavoidable. There are a lot of couples, particularly in Brisbane, who would like to resolve their differences and seek professional help through marriage counselling.

For relationships to work, it requires hard work from both parties. At the start of the relationship, everything is blissful and perfect in the eyes of lovers. However, as time goes by and as couples get to know more about each other, and misunderstandings arise. Problems arise in areas of communication and conflict resolution and remain unresolved sometimes. This poses the challenge of separation, hence the option for counselling to gain some expert advice during the challenging times in the relationship.

It’s All About Knowing When to Seek Help

The sooner the couple seeks assistance, the better. As a saying goes, “Nip it in the bud.” Usually, couples who are experiencing conflicts at the littlest of things end up being disengaged in the relationship. There are instanced when couples look for professional help when they are already desperate.

Ideally, couples should work together in fixing their relationship. They should be both involved in the decision of seeking assistance. But how can they evaluate whether they need a counselor’s help? Below are some tell-tale signs that should be watched out:

  • The relationship of the couple is being set aside due to work, parenting, or other demands of life.
  • A frequent criticism of each other’s shortcomings, which result to conflict.
  • Lack of compromise from the partner by failing to see the partner’s point of view.
  • Partners are withdrawing from physical and emotional intimacy.
  • The couple is experiencing a crisis such as job loss, health issues, fertility, among others.

Reaching out for professional help is also a way of protecting a damaged but saveable relationship, regardless of the challenges surface in their lives. Marriage counselling is one way of restoring the lost balance in the once fulfilling and enjoyable life the couple had.

Benefits of Going Through Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling opens the heart and mind of couples who go through the process. It is also a way of unlocking other hidden aspects of each other’s personhood. Couples who go through marriage counselling can experience the following benefits:

  • Improved empathy for the partner
  • Better understanding of each other’s roles in the relationship
  • Better communication in terms of decision-making and problem solving
  • Increased involvement in each other’s lives
  • Increased trust, partnership, and intimacy
  • Increased awareness of partner’s needs and how to meet them

However, getting to this point is not an overnight process. An intervention will be given by a marriage counsellor that should be worked on by both the couples.

Success in this endeavour would only be possible with the cooperation of both parties.

For couples who would like to talk to a marriage counsellor may dial 3857 3777 to set a schedule with Mark Korduba. You may book an online appointment.

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