t is normal from time to time to be anxious about something.

Understanding Anxiety: Diagnosis & Its Types


Have you ever experienced trouble in sleeping because you’re unprepared for your exam tomorrow? Have you ever worried because you’re thinking your mom might slap you in the face if she discovers you’ve been hiding the fact that you’re in a relationship? How about crying because of the fear you won’t get a job? Have you ever felt scared of losing something or someone important to you? We all experience different forms of this feeling we call anxiety. It is described as an emotion which is usually characterized by the feelings of tension and worried thoughts. Also, there are times that it manifests physical changes in an individual like increased rate of blood pressure (APA, 2000). Read more

Goal setting in 2017

The Ubuntu Medical rebrand is almost complete! Some of you who have come to see me in the last couple of weeks will have noticed a complete change in the practice.  The photos below give you a sense of the space we’ve created.  Now we are looking to accommodate additional practitioners to either rent or work for us. We are especially looking for GPs at the moment.  But we are also looking for most allied health professionals (particularly, podiatrists and exercise physiologists and even psychologists).  If you know anyone who might be interested—please call or email me

Ubuntu Medical Centre     Ubuntu Medical Centre - Inside

The start of the year and finishing this project got me thinking about goals and New Year’s resolutions, and generally having a sense of achievement in life. So, I’d like to share a few tips to share how best to start the year. Read more

How to put the Merry into Christmas

Christmas can be fun time, and for many it can be a stressful time. Bringing family together, and extended family, and with the addition of new partners: is a dynamic to be wary of at the best of times—let alone a day where a lot of planning, cooking, and money has been invested.

For those who have small families or dysfunctional families and are dreading Christmas because they already feel isolated and lonely in life, those feelings can magnify during these times of cheer.

Keep calm and carry on.jpg

Here are 7 tips to put the merry into your Christmas: Read more

Sitting with personal overwhelm and uncertainty in times of business entrepreneurship

Wow what a ride the last couple of months have been. I have some very exciting news!  Ubuntu Medical (where my rooms are located) is finally getting a facelift and I’m taking 50% ownership of the Medical Centre, which I’m extremely excited about.  We have been here for 8 years now—and we thought that it was time to modernise it!

So what’s happening?
Between 22nd December and 30th January, 2017 we are closed to give the whole place a facelift.  We are taking additional space from the shop next door and creating additional rooms, which will be soundproofed; we’re adding more toilets, and concreting out the back to create 5 additional car parks! All this, with of course: a fresh lick of paint. Wow, I’m exhausted just writing about it.

Once complete—along with new branding, website, signage, shop front and reception area—the practice will look to recruit GPs, other allied health practitioners, and pathology; all very exciting stuff. We aim to be a one-stop shop for your entire healthcare needs.

I’ll see clients for most of January, but from a new location in the Grange (details to come). Read more

The Art of the Start

The run up to the 2nd presidential debate has brought into focus the way that men and women interact romantically. Tragically soo many men (with influences such as Donald Trump) are given very destructive beliefs of how to interact with women. So I’ve decided to do something about it (more on this in a second).

Self-help books on the ‘rules of attraction’ or ‘how to pick up women’ (often written by men for men) are frequently quite misguided: giving very damaging guidance. They emphasise that dating is all about the chase and give no guidance on what to do once in a relationship with a woman. This is very disrespectful to women and not grounded in a headspace that will help men and woman to have good relationships. Instead, men need an understanding of women, and not how to “get into their pants”. Read more

Cross Cultural Differences Towards Anger

We are now in a global village where people from different cultural backgrounds live and work together. This article looks at the cross-cultural differences regarding anger management and how people can live and work together.Global Village

Australian society, which derives much of its cultural identity from its British roots and American culture, has a general avoidance of emotion and anger. The “she’ll be right” attitude still pervades much of Australian culture today.  This attitude says “no matter what the situation, or the emotion that you are feeling… “stay calm and understated.”  For example, if you lost your job you may say “I’m a bit annoyed at losing my job.”  This completely understates the emotion of grief and loss you may be feeling.



“Don’t Complain and Don’t Explain”

Kerry Packer Motto Towards Life – Media Mogul Read more

Court Reports Brisbane

Court Reports By Psychologist Brisbane

I provide pre-sentence court reports for criminal matters in the magistrate and district court in Brisbane. The cost of the court report is $1,000 + GST. Please note that I also provide court reports for legal aid-funded matters. Read more