Pre Sentence Reports Brisbane

In Brisbane, having a pre-sentence psychological report can be beneficial in making an informed sentencing decision. Pre-sentence assessments are conducted to determine the underlying factors that caused the offender’s behaviour and to assess the likelihood of the behaviour’s repetition.

An offender who is mandated to undergo a pre-sentence intervention is evaluated according to the type and severity of the offense they have committed. He or she will undergo a clinical interview with a psychologist, a series of psychometric testing, probing of circumstances, allegations, and actions.

Upon the psychologist’s evaluation, suitable treatment options will be provided to the client. The evaluation can also provide practical recommendations such as emotional support from a mental health specialist through appointments, and intervention plans to bring back the individual in living a normal and productive life. Usually, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most effective way of addressing offensive behaviours leading to crimes. For offenders, changing their way of thinking if the first step towards changing the criminal behaviour.

Request for A Pre-Sentence Report

A pre-sentence report can be either requested by the court or can be sought by the client’s solicitor. Although at some instances, offenders are apprehensive in obtaining a pre-sentence report and would seek legal counsel first.

However, the benefit of having a pre-sentence report can provide the court and the legal counsel the underlying motives, the life, and the issues of the offender that led to the crime committed.


Benefits of Having A Pre-Sentence Report

A pre-sentence report can provide the offender with a detailed understanding of their situation, hence providing them with an appropriate sentence based on their mental health state.

This is also a way for the court to assess if the offender takes responsibility for his or her actions and how they view the offense they made. It is also a way for the court to determine whether the offender is willing to go through an intervention for behaviour modification.

With the pre-sentence psychological report, the penalty of the offender can be re-evaluated to either a community-based order or custodial sentence.

It is a must for the offender to get along with the caseworker to also avoid a negative report to be submitted to the court for a hearing. If you and your lawyer need an appointment for a pre-sentence report, you may set an appointment with Mark Korduba by calling 3857 3777.